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News, 3/13/2018

Felines flourish at Finnish cat cafés

Photo courtesy of Cat Café Helkatti

“In our café, we’ll pour you a cappuccino that’s like a work of art, with a picture of a cat in the foam,” says Tiina Aaltonen. She and her husband run Purnauskis Cat Café, the first café of its kind in Finland, in the southern central city of Tampere.

The Finnish capital doesn’t want to be outdone: Helsinki also boasts its own cat-inhabited coffee shop, called Cat Café Helkatti. The readers of local publication Helsingin Uutiset (Helsinki News) voted it the best café in Helsinki in 2016. Helkatti even offers cat yoga once a week – at the time of writing we hadn’t heard back from our feline informants about whether they actually prefer the cat pose to downward-facing dog.

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Updated 3/13/2018

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