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News, 1/11/2018

Sini Majuri’s Glass Mountains Come to Toronto

Photo: Heidi-Hanna Karhu
Sini Majuri
Sini Majuri

The Designboom mart at the Interior Design Show at Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre will host, among others, Finnish contemporary glass artist Sini Majuri, open to the public January 20-21.

Mountains of Scottish Heritage

Sini Majuri brings her mouth blown work VUORI or Mountain to the show.  Each mountain is unique, signed and numbered multiples of which can be arrayed into a mountainous landscape.

Sini Majuri gets her ideas from items that grab her attention in the world around her.  Mountain was inspired by the Scottish Highlands where she trekked last summer.  Textures, colors and the atmosphere of the glass pieces reflect the unparalleled scenery of the Highlands: The clouds are so low that they spill over the mountain slopes. The air is raw and it keeps your senses sharp. The green is greener than anywhere else.“

She wanted to capture her experience in the design and contemplates: “To my mind mountains allow us to see far. There is something sacred in them because they remind us how small we are.”

Sini Majuri Vuori Mountains

Photo: Heidi-Hanna Karhu


Comic Art in Glass

This is Sini Majuri’s second exhibit in Toronto.  Her first visit was to the Comic Arts Festival in 2015.  She collaborated with Finnish Glass Artist Ella Varvio in a groundbreaking comic strip comprised of glass sculptures depicting the folk tale of Tulintu or firebird.  It was displayed in a Toronto Reference Library window looking out to Yonge Street enchanting festival goers and passers-by alike.


Ella Varvio (left) and Sini Majuri during the 2015 Comic Arts Festival

Sini Majuri is a graduate of the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki and has exhibited her works internationally, including Canada, US, and Japan.

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