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Design and conquer: Global focus on Finland for Helsinki Design Week

Old meets newQ&A is the 2017 theme for the annual Helsinki Design Week, so we ask some Finns who live and breathe design what makes it so fun. More...

Hearts of art beat strong in Suomenlinna’s island life

SuomenlinnaFor most people, Helsinki’s sea fortress is a place for an enjoyable daily escape. For a lucky few, it’s home. More...

Finnish sauna cuisine: Cooking time may vary

Finnish sauna cuisineAlong with “sisu” (the Finnish combination of guts and perseverance), “sauna” is one of the words most closely connected with the essence of Finnishness. The author of a sauna cookbook – yes, of course there’s a sauna cookbook – shares her tips. More...

Team Finland
The centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017
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