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Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Embassy of Finland, Ottawa


55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 850, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6L5, Canada
Tel. +1 613 288 2233, E-mail:[at]
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A Visit of the Portable Passport Unit Planned for Thunder Bay

PassilaiteThe embassy is considering bringing the portable passport unit in May and asks that interested applicants sign up. More...

Felines flourish at Finnish cat cafés

Cat cafeA cup of coffee and a cuddly cat create a purrfectly fancatstic café catsperience. We visit cat cafés in Tampere and Helsinki and come away with a whole slideshow of cute cat pics. More...

The sisu within you: The Finnish key to life, love and success

SisuFinnish sisu is so simple and straightforward that sometimes it takes a whole book to explain it. More...

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